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A Quick History of Volley Shoes

It all started with a borrowed boat shoe. In 1939, tennis player Adrian Quist took home the Davis Cup championship in a pair of loaned boat shoes and was inspired to launch his own brand. Originally known as Dunlop Volley and now renowned as Volley shoes, Quist’s range of casual footwear is now iconic in Australia. From baby shoes and high tops to safety shoes and sandals, Volley shoes are all about casual but timeless silhouettes that never go out of style.

Featuring a unique herringbone grip on a soft rubber sole, the original Volley tennis shoe that made the brand what it is today is still one of the most popular styles of their range not only in Australia but all around the world. There are more than 17 million pairs of Volley shoes that have been sold throughout the world spanning more than 100 countries – not to mention all the tennis courts they’ve been on. When it comes to relaxed footwear, Volley shoes have been a top choice in Australia for seven decades for a reason.

Find your perfect fit with FSW Shoes

At FSW Shoes we’re all about ensuring our customers walk away happy. Our extensive range of styles, including boots, slippers, safety shoes, sneakers, wedges, industrial footwear and more are carefully selected through a rigorous process before they become a part of our catalogue. We always consider comfort, performance, durability and support when choosing which brands we work with so that our customers can safely shop from our entire range without having to worry. If you have any questions about what type of footwear we offer at FSW Shoes and why, you can always talk to our friendly customer service team via the contact page of our website or in store.