About us

The Business

FSW Shoes opened in September 2002 in Queanbeyan, NSW. The founding directors, Michael, Gerard and Stephen Frawley had all worked in the footwear industry from a young age.

From a long family history and third generation ‘shoeys’, they were ready to challenge their knowledge, strengths and beliefs that they could develop a concept that was suited to modern day retail and the consumer. It soon became apparent that the FSW concept was a hit and with that confidence under their belts they continued to open stores.

In 2023, FSW is operating in ACT and Regional NSW and have a total of eight brick and mortar stores and an online presence providing Australian and New Zealand customers with their products and services. 

The Vision

FSW’s vision is to be the first destination for any customer in Australia or New Zealand wishing to purchase quality well priced footwear. Their aim is to increase their presence in all areas where they have an established business including strip stores, shopping centres, stand alone and online business.

The Style

FSW’s style is to employ independent thinking people who can bring their own personality as well as skill set to a work environment that offers the availability of a tactile or online shopping experience.

Our customer is offered a large choice of footwear with service delivered at all levels to suit their requirements.

FSW's aim is to provide the best range, brand and price available. Combining professional service and teamwork, we will ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.