Buy Boots, Sneakers and More Shoes with Afterpay

Looking for womens shoes, kids’ shoes or boots for men? Shop online 24/7 with FSW and pay off your shoes with Afterpay in easy instalments.

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a leading ‘buy now, pay later’ payment service in Australia (AUS), allowing you to buy items like clothes, shoes and more at stores without needing to pay for the entire purchase upfront. Your order will be processed as normal, and you pay back the balance over equal fortnightly instalments.

What are the benefits of Afterpay?

Beyond getting your shoes quickly and enjoy more flexibility in payment when shopping on FSW Shoes and other shops, the benefits of using Afterpay include:

  • No interest or additional fees on your purchase
  • Receive your goods sooner
  • Pay off your purchase in four (4) equal fortnightly instalments
  • Easy checkout process with instant approval
  • Safe and secure payment
  • Easy password reset system

What are the conditions for using Afterpay?

To use Afterpay, you need to be above 18 years old and be a legal holder of an eligible Australian-issued credit or debit card. Furthermore, you must also supply a license or Medicare card to confirm your identity upon payment.

How do I exchange/refund an item bought with Afterpay?

When you make a purchase using Afterpay, you may exchange the goods or return the goods for a full refund. Exchanges are accepted in our shoe stores.

How do I return my item for a refund with Afterpay?

Afterpay items can only be returned for a refund, not an exchange. If you wish to return your items paid for with Afterpay, your payments will be adjusted accordingly.

When is the first payment charged?

You will be required to make your first payment at the time of purchase.

What if I miss a payment?

Afterpay charges a late payment fee of $10 if you miss one of your instalments. If you fail to make your payment after 7 days, an additional $7 fee will be charged to your account each week until your purchase is paid in full.

What cards are accepted by Afterpay?

  • Afterpay accepts Australian-issued MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards
  • Prepaid cards or foreign debit or credit cards are not accepted.
  • Afterpay can be used on all purchases up to $1000. An Australian-issued credit card or debit card can be used for purchases under $500, whereas purchases over $500 can be made with a credit card only.

Who should I contact if I have questions about Afterpay?

Please contact Afterpay directly for all enquiries regarding payments, declined purchases or your Afterpay account. E-mail or visit the Afterpay website for more information.